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Unlocking the Suite: A Strategic Approach to Long-Term Productivity

Written by: Todd Kimpton As a mid-size global NetSuite user, you have likely engaged in the "Unlocking the Suite" phase. It's a stage designed by NetSuite to help clients realize the full potential of their subscriptions. But is buying new modules always the golden bullet to achieving business success? The answer is often no. Here's why:

Strategy is Essential

At Etter & Ramli (E+R), we apply a simple, consistent, and repeatable strategy to help our clients unlock the suite. Our approach includes getting transactional, stabilizing users, automating processes, monitoring data and processes for compliance breaches daily, and working with the business users to improve their productivity and future-proof the system for business growth.

Continuity of Design

The journey to unlock the suite could take years. During this duration, skills continuity is risky due to staff churn. To avoid this, the business must sponsor an element of the solution design. They must work with the NetSuite resources to clearly understand the system, its trade-offs, and its potential. These need to be documented, referenced, and updated continuously.

More Modules Aren't Always the Answer

It's essential to remember that NetSuite designed the 'Unlock the Suite' to expose more clients to more modules and thus grow revenue. However, adding more software to a problem seldom achieves the desired goal. Understanding precisely what the modules do and how they fit into the existing process is critical for success.

Task Prioritization

To unlock the suite, you must approach the problem with pragmatism and organization. Keep the objectives in mind, and follow the pathway to achieve them. The cart must go behind the bull!

Focus on One Priority at a Time

Life is full of sayings and analogies for completing one task at a time. To unlock the suite, it's best to approach each task in sequence, address the issue, and achieve the objective before moving on to the next. A series of small meals is much more enjoyable and accessible to digest than an array.

It's About Long-Term Productivity

Always remember that your long-term productivity is what's important. While unlocking the suite sounds nice, the objective is only sometimes 100% aligned with client needs. Productivity gain requires analysis, understanding, planning, and effort. Software, whether purchased or built, can help, but it's never the golden bullet that vendors want us to believe.

At E+R, we believe in helping our clients achieve Customer Excellence. We are a dedicated resource for our clients, working as an extension of their teams and leveraging our proven methodology, "Managed Success," to deliver consistent value. By outsourcing your NetSuite admin to E+R, you lower your total cost of ownership without compromising value. We provide all the skills needed for successful NetSuite management, offering clear, pragmatic, and practical support.

Unlock your suite strategically with E+R, where we prioritize your long-term productivity over everything else.

Etter+Ramli as the Trusted, Independent Managed Services Provider for NetSuite

Using NetSuite Managed Services could be your growing company's best strategic move. NetSuite Managed Services offers a comprehensive solution, granting companies access to a team of experienced NetSuite administrators and consultants to manage their NetSuite ERP. Typically, this service is more affordable than hiring in-house staff. When you use managed services, your systems are always up-to-date. In the world of IT, systems are consistently upgraded and patched and come with a slew of security protocols. It is a lot to handle, but your teams can handle this when implementing managed services.

The goal is to ensure your NetSuite instance supports your business’ growth.

For over 20 years, Etter+Ramli has helped several companies optimize their NetSuite software solution. With a 95% customer satisfaction rate, Etter+Ramli can provide your company with world-class support, Certified NetSuite experts, and a value-based pricing structure.

Etter+Ramli As Your Extended NetSuite Team

Etter+Ramli is an Independent Managed Success Provider for NetSuite clients. We are NOT partnered with Oracle NetSuite and do not take commissions. We bring our knowledge, expertise, and passion for success to our clients. We help clients Buy, Deploy, Grow, and Abandon NetSuite. We engage as a client-side managed service to ensure our priorities align with our clients.

To explore the benefits of retaining Etter+Ramli as your Managed Success Provider, connect with Todd Kimpton for a free consultation today.


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