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The Truth About SaaS Management: Unveiling the Realities and the Role of Managed Services

Written by: Todd Kimpton

There's a common presumption in the business world – that Software as a Service (SaaS) applications remove all overheads associated with running in-house applications. Unfortunately, this is a false premise. While SaaS applications do bring significant advantages, they also come with their own set of management necessities and complexities.


The Hidden Costs of SaaS Management

Often, the tasks required to configure, maintain, and optimize SaaS applications fall onto staff members who may not be adequately prepared. This not only burdens your team but can also lead to inefficiencies and sub-optimal use of the software. Moreover, these hidden management costs tend to get lost in administrative expenses and are seldom accounted for, leading to a distorted view of the total cost of ownership.

The Solution: Managed Services

This is where the role of a Managed Services provider like Etter & Ramli (E+R) becomes crucial. We bring a wealth of practical experience and best practice knowledge gained across multiple deployments. Our dedicated 'Success Team' caters to all aspects of user support, skills enablement, technical development, and process compliance, focusing on maximizing value and achieving your desired business outcomes.


We also offer the flexibility of 'load balancing' resources. This means that you have access to the exact skills you need, exactly when you need them. By outsourcing your NetSuite administration to E+R, or engaging E+R as a retained service, you lower your total cost of ownership. You get a pool of certified and dedicated resources with domain expertise in NetSuite, ready to support your engagement manager.

Extracting Ultimate Business Value

At E+R, we believe in delivering more than just a service – we aim to offer value. We understand the common issues encountered by NetSuite users and are dedicated to helping you navigate them effectively. By accounting for the true costs of managing a SaaS application and leveraging the expertise of a Managed Services provider, you can ensure you're extracting the ultimate business value from your NetSuite investment.

In a world filled with misconceptions about SaaS management, it's important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Partnering with a Managed Services provider like E+R not only dispels these myths but also paves the way for a more efficient, cost-effective, and value-driven approach to SaaS management.

Remember, SaaS applications don't eliminate overheads – but with the right managed service provider, they can certainly be optimized.

Mangaed Success

At Etter+Ramli (E+R), we're committed to helping you navigate this puzzle with ease. Our 'Managed Success' methodology offers a comprehensive approach to NetSuite administration, backed by a team of certified experts. From technical development needs to new release updates, we've got you covered.

Etter+Ramli as the Trusted, Independent Managed Services Provider for NetSuite

Using NetSuite Managed Services could be your growing company's best strategic move. NetSuite Managed Services offers a comprehensive solution, granting companies access to a team of experienced NetSuite administrators and consultants to manage their NetSuite ERP. Typically, this service is more affordable than hiring in-house staff. When you use managed services, your systems are always up-to-date. In the world of IT, systems are consistently upgraded and patched and come with a slew of security protocols. It is a lot to handle, but your teams can handle this when implementing managed services.

The goal is to ensure your NetSuite instance supports your business’ growth.

For over 20 years, Etter+Ramli (E+R) has helped several companies optimize their NetSuite software solution. With a 95% customer satisfaction rate, Etter+Ramli can provide your company with world-class support, Certified NetSuite experts, and a value-based pricing structure.

Etter+Ramli As Your Extended NetSuite Team

Etter+Ramli is an Independent Managed Success Provider for NetSuite clients. We are NOT partnered with Oracle NetSuite and do not take commissions. We bring our knowledge, expertise, and passion for success to our clients. We help clients Buy, Deploy, Grow, and Abandon NetSuite. We engage as a client-side managed service to ensure our priorities align with our clients.

To explore the benefits of retaining Etter+Ramli as your Managed Success Provider, contact Todd Kimpton or visit the website for a free consultation today.

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