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Managed Success: The NetSuite Power in the Transportation Services Industry

A road showing transportation

Operational managers know the importance of reliable, efficient services. In the transporting industry, a managed service provider is like a dedicated fleet manager who takes care of every aspect of your fleet's operations, from maintenance and repair to ensuring compliance with regulations, and even optimizing routes for efficiency.

This leaves you free to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your fleet is in capable hands. Similarly, in the world of NetSuite, a Managed Service provider like Etter & Ramli (E+R) acts as your in-house NetSuite fleet manager. E+R takes care of everything NetSuite-related, freeing you to focus on your core business. This includes everything from routine maintenance and administration to technical development, support, and enhancement.

Now, let's talk about Customer Success. In the transport services context, this means ensuring not just that your transports reach their destinations on time, but that they do so most cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. It means keeping your fleet in peak condition, minimizing downtime, and maximizing productivity. It means being proactive rather than reactive, anticipating problems before they occur, and implementing solutions that drive continuous improvement.

A happy customer receiving her delivery

Etter & Ramli (E+R) takes this concept of Customer Success and applies it to the world of NetSuite. Through our unique Managed Success methodology, we partner with our clients to help them extract maximum value from their NetSuite investment. We align our activities with your strategic objectives, proactively identify and implement system improvements, and provide ongoing support and training to your team.

Our Managed Success methodology is based on four key pillars:

1. Success Plan: We establish a clear vision and strategy for your NetSuite system, and set specific, measurable goals for success. 2. Resourcing Mix: We provide a multi-skilled team of certified NetSuite experts to support your needs. 3. Administrative Discipline: We ensure rigorous change control, solution design, documentation, and prioritized improvements. 4. Orthodox Solutioning: We deliver process change, user training, system configuration, personalization, customizations, and third-party tools.

This comprehensive approach ensures that your NetSuite system is not just maintained, but continuously improved and optimized to deliver maximum value to your business.

At Etter & Ramli (E+R), our mission is to help you deliver Customer Excellence through effective Marketing and Strategy Execution. We believe that every NetSuite user should aspire to achieve Customer Excellence, an outcome that transforms your business and sets new standards of quality for others to emulate.

With Etter & Ramli (E+R) as your Managed Service provider, you gain a dedicated resource that understands your business and works as an extension of your team. Our independence allows us to focus solely on your interests, free from any bias or conflicts of interest. Our objective is your success, and we are committed to helping you achieve it.

The Key to NetSuite Success for Transportation Services is the Etter+Ramli (E+R) Managed Success Program. Experience the power of Managed Success with Etter & Ramli (E+R).

Contact us today to learn more.

Etter+Ramli as the Trusted, Independent Managed Services Provider for NetSuite

Using NetSuite Managed Services could be your growing company's best strategic move. NetSuite Managed Services offers a comprehensive solution, granting companies access to a team of experienced NetSuite administrators and consultants to manage their NetSuite ERP. Typically, this service is more affordable than hiring in-house staff. When you use managed services, your systems are always up-to-date. In the world of IT, systems are consistently upgraded and patched and come with a slew of security protocols. It is a lot to handle, but your teams can handle this when implementing managed services.

The goal is to ensure your NetSuite instance supports your business’ growth.

For over 20 years, Etter+Ramli has helped several companies optimize their NetSuite software solution. With a 95% customer satisfaction rate, Etter+Ramli can provide your company with world-class support, Certified NetSuite experts, and a value-based pricing structure.

Etter+Ramli As Your Extended NetSuite Team

Etter+Ramli is an Independent Managed Success Provider for NetSuite clients. We are NOT partnered with Oracle NetSuite and do not take commissions. We bring our knowledge, expertise, and passion for success to our clients. We help clients Buy, Deploy, Grow, and Abandon NetSuite. We engage as a client-side managed service to ensure our priorities align with our clients.

To explore the benefits of retaining Etter+Ramli as your Managed Success Provider, contact Todd Kimpton or explore our website for a free consultation today.

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