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Managed Success for your NetSuite Instance

We are a team of highly experienced professionals driven by our passion to help clients get the most value from their subscription to Oracle NetSuite.


We are ardent to push our clients' system utilization to the limits and coach them toward mitigating their commercial, operational, and data risks.

Working with organizations around the world, we achieve business outcomes through proven methodologies and diverse language profiles delivering services in 32 countries and regions. We emphasize long-term commitment and combine global reach and local intimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting to strategizing a clear roadmap to utilize your NetSuite instance to its full potential.

We work for clients who want to achieve more with less and lower their risk, not the vendors who simply want to sell more software.



A value gap is created at each stage of the Subscription Lifecycle, and we help clients manage their success at each stage with effective client-side solutions. 

Which of these stages resonates most with you?

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Key risks: Oversold, Terms, Team, Price

Common Scenarios:

"NetSuite looks like it could be right for us, but I'm cautious and unsure how I should engage.  I don't want to be oversold, or caught in a restrictive subscription.  I want to make sure that the solution will fit us today, and suitable for us tomorrow, too."


"Should I buy directly or engage with a partner?  What are the trigger points, or issues in the contract that I need to be aware of?  How does the pricing work?"

"I just want to get an expert on the team who can keep pre-sales honest."

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Key risks: Cracks are appearing in the delivery

Common Scenarios:

""The implementation project is in progress, but there is a crack in  design and project management." 
"Time shifts, feature gaps, improper data architecture, and add-on modules were displayed in the dialog." 
"I am concerned and would like to discuss the issue with an expert who can keep the vendor of the project  honest."

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Key Risk: Expanding value gap

Common Scenarios:

"We are exhausted and feel that we are limping our way through go-live."

"Why are system innovations and improvements suddenly stop after go-live was settled?"

"When people and knowledge leave the company, things are not forgotten and ignored, and the knowledge to do things right seems to evaporate."

"We think that subscriptions are a waste of money, and problems arise from them."

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Key risks: Wasted resources and migrating off NetSuite for the wrong reasons

Common Scenarios:

"We have a value gap; our installation is stale and we are considering moving off NetSuite.  Given the resources we have invested, this is not something we want to do unless we have to."

""We need some help to review our concerns, and map an objective our path forward; one that is not riddled with vested interest."


"We need an honest chat with an independent expert about our future with NetSuite."



Deep industry context is our foundation for understanding clients` businesses, and an essential component to enabling them for success. We have had the benefit of working with remarkable clients in diverse industries.

Client 7


We work with customers in the industrial supply segment where sales, manufacturing process connectivity and inventory management skills are critical to success.

Client 8


The silicon supply chain is one of the most complex industry segments. Our experience lies in the area of ​​process test support. Purchasing efficiency is a very important and important success factor in this process.

Client 2


Our expertise lies in the multi-outlet retail segment of healthcare clinics. Improved online patient bookings, multi-session packages, automated billing, and electronic payments bring significant  customer relationships.

Client 3


We are well-acquainted with the dye segment of industrial chemicals. Due to the complexity of the documentation, the process may require steps. As a result of helping clients streamline the process, productivity has increased significantly.

Client 5


As our customers operate in the wear protection segment, engineering services that improve the performance of industrial land are a wide range of areas. With CRM and projects, you can increase your productivity and gain new insights into your customers' needs.

Client 6


E-commerce is an area of ​​explosive demand, adding to the complexity of numerous solutions and  requirements. Customers are transforming master-slave relationships and connecting NetSuite with some of the best e-commerce tools to provide complete flexibility.

Client 4


Our  interest in the field of discrete business services is in testing and sampling. We help our customers increase their sales and reduce costs by integrating them with in-house tools that enable them to improve their services and manage their finances more efficiently.

Client 1


Investment in renewable energy is exploding and aging energy systems are being replaced or reused. 
With our support, our customers have improved their project identification pipeline and project development management, managed their projects online as long-term assets, and confidently learned the issues associated with the consequences of inevitable financial re-organization.



By focusing on improved system utilization, we unlock tremendous value for clients in the form of productivity improvements and lowering total cost of subscription.

Our engagement approach saves cost and time, while directly mitigating operational and commercial risks...its the pathway to your success.


Making Netsuite your operational and informational backbone is reasonably straight-forward, but running the system with redundancy in mind and an eye on the future is essential to extracting long term value and mitigating the risk of a growing value gap.

Our engagement approach  ensures your success.


Capturing and deploying the requirements of sales and marketing are essential for a successful NetSuite instance, and they're also often the areas of greatest conflict with the needs of finance and IT.


Our engagement approach brings these worlds together and help to get everyone working together.


Some of the best ways to improve a system are often trapped in the heads of users, they are the front line and suffer most of the problems first hand.

Our user-centric engagement approach is designed to mine users for feedback and ideas which can to be refined to achieve success.



Our goal is to help individuals and businesses realize their ideas. We aim to understand every pain point of each stakeholder in the organization in order to find a clear approach to the gaps in the process domain.

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Managed success means bridging the value gap. This means addressing several priorities to improve your workload and productivity. 
Get an end-to-end solution from user support and system administration management to implementation and roadmap while deploying the latest NetSuite solutions.

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Sometimes, all you need is to talk through the issue with someone who understands the circumstances without the bias. 
At Etter+Ramli, we bring all of our knowledge and experience to every conversation we have.

If you want to have a pragmatic conversation that is based on realistic outcomes and options, we are here for you to explore your issues and discuss your concerns.

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"Achieving lasting success requires a vision, strategic priorities, and a solid plan with feasible results and defined deadlines,"
at least that is what the old saying goes.

Our managed success plans are scope-defined, flexible managed services that can be extended to meet your needs, from a shared desk solution to an intensive dedicated team.

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We are Business Analysts and Enablers of Success
NetSuite is our Tool of Expertise

IT projects can be difficult, and when you are at your lowest point, comes Etter+Ramli to aid you right through the journey towards success. Delivering functionality, adaptability, and scalability, we leverage our extensive experience as we closely work with organizations to ensure that ERP fits into your growth plans. 
Feel free to contact us anytime.


Based in Singapore, we serve customers around the world who are active in 32 countries. We are a global team of certified and highly qualified NetSuite experts who speak 6 native languages and are keen to make you a success. 
We look forward to finding out how we can help you reach your business objectives with NetSuite.

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