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Are you maximizing NetSuite's
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Managed Success is Etter+Ramli's proprietary methodology designed to help NetSuite users extract maximum business value from their systems.

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Our Four Pillars

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Our Managed Success Services

Trusted Independent NetSuite Solution Provider


Todd Kimpton

Founder & Managing Partner

Todd Kimpton, a certified Accounting Professional hailing from Australia and now based in Singapore, has been at the helm of Etter+Ramli since 2012. His journey in the realm of finance and technology began with NetSuite in 2001 as a client.  In 2007, Todd joined the Professional Services practice of NetSuite in Singapore, from where he was promoted to Head up NetSuites APAC 'Tiger' Shark customer retention program, an official escalation path for at-risk customers to reach senior management.  In 2012, Todd transitioned into the NetSuite partner network as a Senior Partner with Shearwater (Solution Provider) before founding Etter+Ramli, an independent NetSuite Managed Service practice highly esteemed by a multitude of clients.


With a robust client base spanning across 36 countries and supporting over 950 users, Etter+Ramli is dedicated to providing practical solutions to common post-go-live business challenges. By entrusting your NetSuite administration to Etter+Ramli, you gain access to a team of certified professionals ready to complement your engagement manager or internal team effectively.


Ria Richardson

VP, Global Sales & Customer Growth

Ria Richardson holds the esteemed position of Vice President of Global Sales Etter+Ramli Asia - for Oracle NetSuite Users (Client side). She has spearheaded partner programs and sales initiatives for leading brands such as IBM, EMC, Oracle, Microsoft, and NetSuite, always staying on top of her game and delivering results quarter by quarter. 

With an impressive career spanning over 27 years in sales and marketing,


Ria has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive revenue growth and foster new business opportunities across diverse industries and regions. Having previously worked for Oracle NetSuite, Ria is focused on assisting clients in negotiating more favorable terms, effectively reducing the typical annual increase of 15% to 20% and significantly lowering base costs. This strategic approach results in substantial savings for our clients, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars each year.


Bernadette Evardone

Engagement & Success Manager

Bernadette Evardone is an Asia-based NetSuite Certified professional who showcases a remarkable mix of skills and dedication to clients. Bernadette stands out as a seasoned expert in the field. Her expertise and experience reflect a profound commitment to excellence in her work, making her a valuable asset in the industry.  As an Engagement Manager in Etter+Ramli, Bernadette leads client success by deploying her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and 11 years of NetSuite certifications into clients daily:

  • SuiteFoundation

  • NetSuite Administrator

  • ERP Consultant

  • Financial User

  • SuiteAnalytics

Which keeps them looking at productivity growth and quality reporting.


Jude Arpon

Senior NetSuite Technical Developer

Jude Arpon, a seasoned Asia-based Senior Developer, dedicates his expertise to various projects in this dynamic environment of NetSuite integration. His extensive background and expertise position him as a valuable asset in the development landscape, reflecting a deep-rooted dedication to excellence and innovation in his craft. With a remarkable 13 years of experience in NetSuite, Jude's technical proficiency spans over 24 years, encompassing a diverse skill set that includes SuiteScript, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, ExtJS, and Webservices Integration. His experience over the years has included:

  • Application & Web-based system development

  • Project Management leading teams of 2 to 14 members – project dependent

  • Software Development Life Cycle

  • Customization of SDLC procedure

  • System Integration with NetSuite

Ready to Start Your Managed Success Journey?

What Our Clients Say

Why Etter+Ramli?

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Choose Etter+Ramli to transform your NetSuite experience. With our focused approach, dedicated resources, transparent billing, and collaborative governance, we ensure continuous improvement and value realization for your business.

We can run your NetSuite better than you run it yourself.
Because we understand that your success is our success.

Join the E+R community today and achieve Customer Excellence through our Managed Success methodology.

Ready to Start Your Managed Success Journey?

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