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How to Utilize NetSuite's Login Audit Trail for User Activity Analysis

Written by: Bella Tran

In any business environment, ensuring the security and efficiency of your software solutions is crucial. One such solution is NetSuite, a leading cloud-based ERP system widely used by businesses globally. To help businesses maintain control and visibility over their NetSuite user activity, NetSuite provides a feature known as the Login Audit Trail.

So, what is the Login Audit Trail, and how can you use it to your advantage? Let's dive in.

Log in Audit trail

What is the Login Audit Trail?

The Login Audit Trail is a specialized search feature in NetSuite that provides an overview of user activity within your account. This includes data on when users have logged in and from which IP address. This information is crucial for both security and operational efficiency. It allows you to monitor user activity, identify patterns, and spot any unusual or suspicious behavior.

The Audit Trail does not capture changes in IP addresses during a session, such as when a user connects to a VPN. However, if a user logs out and then logs back in while connected to a VPN, the VPN's IP address will be recorded for that session.

How to Access the Login Audit Trail?

To access the Login Audit Trail, navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > View Login Audit Trail. Here, you'll find a list of login activity, including each session listed by date and time of initial login, the user's name, and the IP address from which the user logged in.

View Login Audit Trail

Using the Login Audit Trail

The Login Audit Trail provides extensive search capabilities that can be used to analyze user activity in detail.

Here are some ways you can use these features:

  1. Simple Search Mode: In this mode, you can select from a limited set of filters, including IP address, username, date range, and role. This is perfect for quick checks or broad overviews of user activity.

  2. Advanced Search Mode: This mode offers more in-depth filtering options, including formulas and join fields. You can also customize the display of results and sort and group results for easier analysis.

  3. Saved Searches: You can define and run saved searches repeatedly. This is incredibly useful for regular checks or when you need to monitor specific activity over a period.

When you drill down on individual login entries, you'll see a list of the transactions completed during the user's session. If no data appears, then the user did not complete any transactions during the period you are viewing.

In Conclusion

Understanding how to use the Login Audit Trail feature in NetSuite can help improve your security measures and operational efficiency. By keeping an eye on user activity, you can ensure that your NetSuite environment is being used correctly and efficiently. Remember, E+R is always here to support you in managing your NetSuite environment and ensuring you get the most out of it. Feel free to reach out to us with any queries or for further assistance.

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