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Understanding the Back Ordered Quantity Discrepancy in NetSuite Invoices

Written by: Bella Tran In the realm of NetSuite, a common point of confusion among users is the discrepancy in the display of 'Back Ordered Quantity' in Invoices created from Sales Orders compared to standalone Invoices. This discrepancy isn’t a bug in the system, but a standard feature that serves a specific purpose.

When you create an Invoice directly from a Sales Order in NetSuite, the 'Back Ordered Quantity' field will show a value. This value signifies the number of items that are committed on sales orders but are not currently in stock. The system expects these items to be available in a reasonable timeframe and thus reflects them in the 'Back Ordered Quantity' field.

On the other hand, when you create a standalone Invoice, the 'Back Ordered Quantity' field will be left blank. This is because standalone Invoices are not linked to a Sales Order, and thus do not have associated back orders.

This difference in displaying the 'Back Ordered Quantity' is a standard feature of NetSuite and serves to give users a clearer understanding of their inventory status. It helps businesses track committed items that are not yet available, assisting in inventory management and customer communication.

While this feature can initially cause some confusion, understanding its purpose and functionality can lead to more effective usage of NetSuite and better overall inventory management. Remember, the key to the successful utilization of any platform, including NetSuite, is to understand its features and apply them effectively to your specific business processes.


In summary, the 'Back Ordered Quantity' in NetSuite Invoices varies depending on whether the Invoice is created from a Sales Order or is a standalone Invoice. This is not a system error but a deliberate feature designed to enhance transparency in inventory management.

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