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Etter+Ramli’s Advanced Customer Support Plus Unlocks Your Success with NetSuite

NetSuite is configurable business software, and as is often apparent in similar systems a user’s needs sometimes differ from the configuration options available to address them. These are called gaps and are almost inevitable because the people, processes, and technology used by the business evolve and change over time.

As gaps appear and go unaddressed, or are delayed in their resolution, users tend to adapt with workable out-of-system fixes and this opens up processes to adjustment and divergence, which erodes license subscription security over time. Recognizing this, NetSuite developed options to help clients close gaps and advance usage. This service is called Advanced Customer Support (ACS), and when coupled with Netsuite’s value stairway plans, provides clients with a prepackaged program for end-to-end customer success.

This, however, is a little biased in our opinion because the focus of ACS is weighted toward selling software and implementation projects, and not dealing with the practical day-to-day work required to improve customer utilization. Further, we see this bias can perpetuate a life cycle of dream chasing and expensive ‘spot fix’ improvements, which pushes success further out of reach because the root cause of the gaps is not normally addressed.

A customer success program built upon a foundation of structure and discipline defined within a Success Plan and executed methodically is significantly better at dealing with the root causes and laying a solid foundation for users to flourish and system utilization to grow.

By incorporating system vision, strategy, parameters, KPIs, user feedback, process compliance, and prioritizing process improvements, the Success Plan provides the baseline direction needed to navigate through temptation and frustration and to keep the focus on what matters. All of these are assumed and largely beyond the scope of ACS.

Growing with Managed Success

Today, Etter+Ramli runs our clients’ NetSuite environments in 36 countries, and we look after a growing end-user base of over 800. We have learned many important lessons over the years about what makes a deployment successful, and have mastered the approaches needed to bring clients on a truly integrated and success-focused journey up a value staircase.

We have seen how clients and users transition, and have taken pride in leading their development and embracing the feedback they offer for improvement ideas. We have helped clients realize that loosely defined endpoints cannot guarantee a quantifiable outcome and that 80% of the value gains available are with tools already in their control.

These lessons have led us to design a solution that bridges the limitations we see in ACS and provide clients with a valid end-to-end program for customer success. We think of it as Advanced Customer Support Plus (ACS+) but refer to it as "Managed Success".

To help explain how Etter+Ramli Managed Success can replace or extend ACS to provide clients with a cohesive Success Plan, consider the product comparison matrix:

Oracle NetSuite ACS

Implementation Support (2) Business Solution Advertisement (3) Remediation Support (4) Development & Testing (5) Annual Account Reviews (6) Performance Monitoring (7) Release Guidance, (8) ACS Playbooks (9) Solution Architecture

Etter+Ramli ACS+

Implementation Support (2) Business Solution Advertisement (3) Remediation Support (4) Technical Development, Testing & Maintenance, (5) Annual Account Reviews, (6) Performance Monitoring, (7) Release Guidance, (8) E+R Success Plan, (9) Solution Architecture, (10) Data Management, (11) User Survey, (12) Process Compliance, (13) Implementation Delivery


A prepackaged program for end-to-end customer success cannot exist because success takes effort, skill, focus, adaptation, and commitment every day. One must take a vested interest in their long-term success or outsource it to an independent managed service provider experienced in the art and science of running existing environments better. That is a managed service provider who has solid, deep, and diverse experience running NetSuite on the client side and is not compromised in their objectivity or motivated by a selling outcome. A trusted partner that is fully aligned and vested in your success for the long term.

Etter+Ramli As Your Extended NetSuite Team

Etter+Ramli is an independent Managed Services provider focused on the client side. Being independent means we do not take commissions from NetSuite nor have a vested interest in selling a software outcome. We simply bring our knowledge and expertise, along with our focus and passion. Etter+Ramli works with you to achieve the same outcome but in a more managed, less disruptive approach.

You may reach out to Todd Kimpton, Etter+Ramli’s Managing Partner, a seasoned NetSuite Professional who would love to understand your business in more detail. Let us put your success at the core and re-engineer operational efficiency with a system shaped around your business.

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