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Beyond the Sum: Troubleshooting Quantity Discrepancies in NetSuite Saved Searches

Written by: Todd Kimpton

When you're using NetSuite's saved search feature, you expect consistent and accurate results. So, when the numbers don't add up, it can be quite disconcerting. Let's take a closer look at a common issue — a saved search displaying one number on results, which matches the printed CSV output, but when emailed with results as a CSV, it shows a multiple of the original number.

This scenario often happens when the column in question is in an item saved search, with the summary type set as Sum for the formula {transaction.quantity} - {transaction.quantityshiprecv}. Even when you change the summary type to Maximum and use the formula SUM, the issue persists.


Possible Causes

There could be several reasons for this discrepancy:

1. Sublist Line Count: NetSuite counts each line of a transaction as a separate entry in a saved search. If the transaction has multiple lines (for example, multiple items on a sales order), the quantity shipped/received will be multiplied by the number of lines in the transaction.

2. Joined Searches: If you're using a joined search, and a record on one side of the join has multiple related records on the other side, NetSuite will return one row for each related record. This can result in the quantity being multiplied.

3. Summary Type: The summary type in the saved search could be adding up quantities from multiple transaction lines or related records.


Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshooting Quantity Discrepancies in NetSuite Saved Searches.

Here's how you can troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

1. Check the Transaction Lines: Verify if the transaction in question has multiple lines. If so, consider creating a separate saved search for the sublist items to avoid double-counting.

2. Review Joined Searches: If you're using a joined search, look for any records that have multiple related entries. You might need to adjust your search criteria or filters.

3. Confirm Summary Type: Ensure that the summary type in your saved search is set correctly. If you're dealing with transaction quantities, you might want to use 'Group' instead of 'Sum' to avoid adding quantities multiple times.

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