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Mastering NetSuite Saved Search: Limiting Results Beyond Criteria

Written by: Ely Beltran


In a NetSuite Saved search, the number of results would be based on the criteria. There are some instances

where only a particular number of results are needed. Here are example use cases where showing a certain limit of results is ideal:

  • The saved search has 100,000 results, but the user would only like a sample of 100. Running this search and displaying the results would take some time. Adding a criterion to limit the number of results is one way of limiting the results, but the user would still need to determine the proper criteria.

  • The large number of results from the saved search would be read by a script, but processing a large dataset would clog the scripting queue. Ideally, the developer would like to process only 1000 records with each run.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to set a certain limit on the results in the saved search.

Saved Search ROWNUM Criteria

  1. Edit any existing Saved Search

  2. Add a new Criteria.

  3. Select Formula (Numeric), this will open a new window.

  4. In the new window, add the following field values:

  5. Save and Run the search.

  6. The search should only show 10 results, this is due to the ROWNUM formula added to the criteria.

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