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Showing Days of the Week in NetSuite Reports

Written by: Gam Tran Have you ever needed to create a report that displays specific events or transactions based on the day of the week? For example, if you're managing a team of teachers or doctors and want to generate a timetable for their weekly schedules, this tip will be useful.

Let's dive right into the step-by-step procedure for showing the days of the week in a report:

1. Create a Save Search with Criteria to achieve the desired results. Identify the specific events or transactions you want to include in the report.

2. Navigate to the "Criteria" tab within the search setup. Here, select the "Formula (Text)" option.

3. In the Formula box, enter the following formula: TO_CHAR({fieldID},'DY'). Replace {fieldID} with the appropriate field ID for the date field you're working with. This formula will help extract the day of the week from the date.

Enter the day name in the formula box if you only want to display events or transactions from a specific day. For example, if you want to show only Monday events, type "Monday" in the box. This will filter the search results accordingly.

To add the days of the week as a column in the search results, navigate to the "Results" subtab. Select the "Formula (Text)" option in the formula column and paste the same formula mentioned earlier. Click "Add" to include the column in the search results. Save & Run the search. You will now see only the events or transactions for all days of the week.

By following these steps, you can effectively showcase the days of the week in your report and tailor it to your specific needs. Remember, you can modify the formula to display the date in various formats using the TO_CHAR function.

That's it for today's tip on showing days of the week in a report. We hope you found this information helpful for your NetSuite journey. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, our team at E+R is always here to support you.

Stay tuned to our blog for more actionable insights and tips on utilizing NetSuite effectively, managing resources, and navigating challenges related to CRM and ERP systems. We're dedicated to helping you achieve customer excellence through marketing and strategy execution.

Thank you for reading, and best of luck with your reporting endeavors!

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