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Data Extraction & Loading

Extracting from and loading data into NetSuite is typically a case of saved searches exports and csv uploads. To say the least the process is tiresome and prone to error and revisions, and of course system limitations when processing a large data set.

We’ve recently completed a project to extract 6 years of historical transaction data from a oneworld account, and load it into a new one world account (a few subsidiaries were sold off, and the new owner wanted to keep netsuite).

Due to the significant amounts of data involved…CSV and Saved Searches just weren’t going to cut it, so we spent some time to develop the tools to do it better & fast.

Our proprietary ‘data extraction’ tool sweeps through the list and transactional tables in NetSuite and extracts each unique record out as a complete JSON document with all fields specified. With all the data backed up, we then trigger the loading of the data using our ‘data load’ tool. This tool passes through each document, and loads it into NetSuite sequentially and in a prescribed order so as to avoid errors due to absent data dependency. Although it took a while to get the extractor and loader to work correctly, once operational…the performance was impressive. And, of course we used ‘SuiteCloud Plus’ to allow us the opportunity to multi thread the queues.

Extracted 250K transactions and 50K list records in about 2 days. Loaded those records in about 3 days. Validation and confirmation about another week.

Frankly, to do the same with search and csv would have taken months.

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