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The Etter+Ramli Story

Todd Kimpton, Managing Partner of Etter + Ramli, has been living, and breathing Success with NetSuite since 2000.  Originally a customer of NetSuite, Todd became a passionate agent for change by working with client across the world through NetSuite's Professional Services business and later as a Partner.   Keen to remove the bias embedded in the partner relationship, Todd has forged Etter+Ramli into an independent managed success advisory that has you as our pillar and measure for success.
From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our focus is always on building efficient and results-oriented relationships.  We work with you to create a customized action plan  for you and your organization.

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"Our goal in every engagement is to ensure that our client is successful in all aspects of the project.

This is not a throwaway statement – as we are an independent client-side advisor and do not sell software, our business depends on us consistently achieving this objective."

"Working with NetSuite for over 20 years initially as a client, then within NetSuite's Services Delivery business, and more recently as a Partner, I have virtually seen every problem that can happen and been involved in rectifying plenty of them successfully too, I must say that NetSuite is flexible and easy to work with. However, that does not mean it is without complexity or limitations. After all, it is enterprise software.

Despite the differences in functionality, each of these issues has a common source of incomplete information and a lack of understanding of the subsequent impact. In other words, each problem could be detected and avoided if the vendor was truly focused on customer success.


Through Etter+Ramli, I want to provide clients with an alternative option that is focused on their operational success, not one vested in selling software subscriptions, to be a source of independent opinion, if you will.

I refer to this engagement method as independent client-side advisors, and describe what we do as 'managed success.’  We are not partnered with Oracle and thus do not have a vested interest to sell software. While we appreciate the application, we are not prejudiced against its implementation.

We have the deep expertise to help customers harness the power of NetSuite and thereby improve their subscription usage. We help our customers in over 26 countries make better decisions about how they purchase, deploy, and operate their environments. With that experience comes patience, knowledge, and a solid toolkit that offers flexible solutions to meet the needs of evolving businesses.

One thing is clear, we focus on people (users and management) and use technology to improve their productivity, utilization, or value.  With this focus on people, we are able to make recommendations that have the greatest possibility of success — instead of simply going with cookie-cutter recommendations that may not be the best fit for the culture of the company. 

We are catalysts of success, and we will continue to create and deliver unparalleled success driving clear-cut business outcomes."

Todd Kimpton
Managed Success Partner & Founder



We are a growing company that is constantly looking for talented professionals who are passionate about helping clients get the most out of their NetSuite subscriptions and solve complex problems with best-of-breed solutions.

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