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Systems and streamlining operations

When you buy NetSuite you’re buying into a full suite that can do everything you need it to do at a reasonable level of functionality and high degree of quality.

CRM, ERP, Ecommerce, customer support, and custom apps can all exist inside the platform and run natively along side the core system functionality.

And yet…the desire to go back to a series of bolted together applications and a manage all of the data headaches associated seems to be incredibly attractive to some, and yet when asked to substantiate the feature, function, benefit gap being missed by Netsuite the silence is often deafening.

If you buy Netsuite, be it because you don’t won’t to buy 5 systems and bolt them together. Buy it because you want to run your business and not your technology…because the opportunity cost of bolting together systems and running technology is an cost iceberg and like the titanic it could sink you.

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