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Surviving External Audits: Strategies for Success

Written by: Gam Tran

The audit season of 2024 is coming. Let’s read this writing to make this year's audit an easygoing experience and uncover how to survive external audits, the strategies for success.

Never throw last year's audit documents away

One of the most reliable reference documents you can use for the external audit of this year is the documents of the previous years. They can be the organization chart, and Service Organization Controls (SOC) report. Using this blog article will help you to save considerable time.

Company Organization Chart
Company Organization Chart

Find NetSuite Admin Support

During the external audit, some queries on the setup of the NetSuite system are unavoidable. They can be the question on Password Management, which is Password parameters at NetSuite Level such as password length, password complexity, password expiration, password history, and failed login attempts. They also can be the procedure to Update Security Questions or the process to Reset 2FA Settings.

Any questions in the Settings portlet can be asked by auditor
Any questions in the Settings portlet can be asked by the auditor

With questions like this, you can ask your internal NetSuite Administrator if your company has that staff. Otherwise, you can access SuiteAnswer or Help Center and search for that.

Use SuiteAnswer as a tool during auditing
Use SuiteAnswer as a tool during auditing

Change Management

This will be the most important part of the auditing to which the auditor will pay attention. The familiar question that you will get from them will be “Is there any change in the workflow or script during the passing year?”. It will be hard for you to remember back what change you have been making during the whole 365 days. There are 2 tips which can help you in this case.

●     Create saved searches to report the change in scripts and workflows during the past year.

●     Always note in the Description field of the workflow or script about the change you did during the time.

Now you map the description with the saved searches, then the picture will be very clear.
Now you map the description with the saved searches, then the picture will be very clear.

Employee and user control

Not just the change in company flow, the movement of employees will be also questioned by the external auditor definitely. The movement must include:

●     New staff

●     Transferred staff

●     Terminated staff

within the audit period. Your first action on this ticket should be to find the file template of last year's auditing. Or if you can find back the saved searches that were used in the last audit, then this is done, you just need to change the Date Criteria in that saved search, download it, and send it to the auditing staff.

Just need to find back last year’s saved searches and change the date range
Just need to find back last year’s saved searches and change the date range

The coverage of auditing can be diversified from company to company, but I believe the topics above will always be audited. I hope that this writing will help you to reduce the burden during each auditing season.

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