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Streamlining NetSuite Saved Search Migration with Chrome Debugger Tool

Written by: Ely Beltran


NetSuite offers various methods to move a saved search between sandbox and production environments. Here are the methods:

The most convenient method for users is to use the 'Copy to Account' feature, available when viewing a NetSuite Saved Search. However, this feature does not always work perfectly, especially with saved searches involving multiple criteria, columns, and table joins. This tutorial will help you move a saved search to a different environment by using some plug-ins and a Chrome browser.


  1. Chrome browser

  2. Download the following extension for Chrome: NetSuite Saved Search Code Export

  3. Install the extension

NetSuite Saved Search Import using Chrome Debugger

In the following use case, we have a NetSuite search in Production and we will move this search to Sandbox.

  1. Go to the saved search and go to ‘Edit’ mode.

  2. In the Edit mode of a saved search, a link called ‘Export as Script’ is now available.

3. Click the ‘Export as Script’ link and this will open a new window, and copy the contents.

4. Copy and paste the text content into a notepad. The codes you need to add are highlighted in green:

require(['N/search'], function(search) {

var transactionSearchObj = search.create({

type: "transaction",











search.createColumn({name: "subsidiarynohierarchy", label: "Subsidiary (no hierarchy)"}),


name: "entityid",

join: "vendor",

sort: search.Sort.ASC,

label: "Vendor NS ID"




var searchResultCount = transactionSearchObj.runPaged().count;

log.debug("transactionSearchObj result count",searchResultCount);{

// .run().each has a limit of 4,000 results

return true;


transactionSearchObj.title = 'TEST SEARCH MIGRATION';;


5. Now, switch to the NetSuite environment. For example, if the search is from Production, switch to Sandbox.

6. Go to the ‘Edit’ mode of any transaction record and, press F12 to open the Chrome debugger tool, make sure to go to the ‘Console’ tab.

7. Paste the code from step #4 and hit enter. This will recreate the Netsuite saved search in the current environment. In this example, the search name is ‘TEST SEARCH MIGRATION’.‘

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