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Replenish location with a transfer order

NetSuite’s ‘Replenish Location’ functionality really makes the task of keeping inventory levels optimised in a location a breeze. However, by design the native transaction supporting this functionality is an Inventory Transfer which is a strange choice given that to Replenish a Location would typically involve a degree of transit as well as other rigour toward handling the inventory movement. An Inventory Transfer transaction simultaneously depletes and adds inventory without transit. The more appropriate transaction is a Transfer Order because it provides for the limitations of an Inventory Transfer.

We’ve developed a simple component which allows clients to use the more advanced Transfer Order when utilizing the replenish location functionality. Our component fully supports the demand planning functionality with serialized and lot number inventory.

It’s Neat, Tidy, Robust, Effective and Economical.

USD1,200 / Year…you’ll get that back within a few days.

To get this Component deployed today…

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