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Mastering NetSuite Scripting for Untouched Fields in BOM Revisions

Written by: Ely Beltran In the realm of NetSuite Scripting, we frequently encounter the need to script specific fields in NetSuite records. However, it's important to note that only some records/fields are supported according to NetSuite's scriptable documentation.

One of the records/fields we found unsupported through scripting during development is the update or setting of the 'Issued Step' and 'Auto-Issue' fields within the BOM Revision sublist. Even CSV imports do not expose these fields.

As per the latest NetSuite scriptable records, these fields are not yet supported:

NetSuite SuiteScript snippet for Setting 'Issue Step' and 'Auto Issue' fields

The following snippet demonstrates how to access the undocumented sublist field to set values for these fields.

var obj = record.load({

type: record.Type.BOM_REVISION,

id: 111 //The Internal ID of Bom Revision record


//Sets the sublist field for Issued Step and Auto-Issue field


sublistId: 'component',

field: 'custpage_member_process,'

value: 1

line: 0



sublistId: 'component',

field: 'custpage_member_autoissue',

value: true

line: 0



  • The issued Step sublist field (custpage_member_process) is a list/record type. The accepted value can be found on the AM Operation Names record.

  • The Auto-Issue sublist field (custpage_member_autoissue) is a boolean type. The accepted value is either true or false.

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