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Is NetSuite Right for you…?

Moving to the cloud is trendy right now, and obviously I’m a supporter and if I may also a trend setter, but that doesn’t mean I’m not objective about it too.

Netsuite is a tool, a tool to organise business and to unify operations. But, if the business isn’t organised or unified in its approach the investment can be lost. You’ve gotta walk before you can run, and with that you’ve gotta get organised and unify your processes before you make Netsuite work perfectly.

The worst tools in the hands of the best craftsman can produce terrific results, and the best tools in the hands of an untrained hack will likely produce nothing amazing.

Spending money on NetSuite before you are ready will only result in wastage.

I’m offering a free assessment of how ready you and your business are for ERP… If you want to explore the fit, Get in touch, I’d be delighted to give you an opinion.

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