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Creating Seamless Integration: Uploading Files from NetSuite to Amazon S3

Written by: Ely Beltran


NetSuite has the 'N/sftp' module for connecting to an FTP/SFTP server; however, this module does not support connecting to an Amazon S3 server. This sample code will illustrate the steps needed to integrate NetSuite and Amazon S3 directly.

Upload the NetSuite Amazon S3 folder

  1. Download the NetSuite Amazon S3 library, ns-aws-s3.js

  2. In NetSuite, go to Documents > Files > File Cabinet > SuiteScripts folder

  3. Create a new folder called ‘amazons3’; inside this folder, upload the ns-aws-s3.js file.

NetSuite Amazon S3 credentials

The following Amazon S3 information is needed to connect to the Amazon S3 server:

  • Access Key

  • Secret Key

  • Bucket

  • Region

NetSuite script to upload files to the Amazon S3 server

The sample script below is a scheduled script type that will load a CSV file in the NetSuite file cabinet and move this file to the Amazon S3 server.

Replace the variables with your own Amazon S3 details. Upon executing the script, it should create a copy of the file from the File Cabinet to the Amazon S3 server.

define(['N/file', '/SuiteScripts/amazons3/ns-aws-s3'],

function(file, AWS) {

function execute() {


//Supply the Amazon S3 information

var options = {

region: 'xxx',

accessed: 'xxx',

secretAccessKey: 'xxx',


//Load the File - supply the Netsuite File Internal ID

var fileObj = file.load({

id: 100


var csvData = fileObj.getContents();

//Call the Amazon S3 library; supply the bucket info specific to your server

var s3 = new AWS.S3(options);


Bucket: 'xxx',

ACL: 'bucket-owner-full-control',

ContentType: 'text/CSV,

Key: name,

Body: csvData

}, function (err, data) {

if (err) {

log.error(JSON.stringify(err), 'here: ' + JSON.stringify(err.stack));

} else {







title: 'Error: Amazon S3 Uploader',

details: JSON.stringify(ex)




return {

execute: execute



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