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Boost Your NetSuite Productivity: Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts

Written by: Gam Tran

Hi there, finance users! Are you looking to boost your productivity and streamline your workflow in NetSuite? Look no further! In this blog post, we will dive into the world of keyboard shortcuts in NetSuite, helping you navigate the platform quickly and efficiently. Let's get started!

Searching Data in Your Account

One of the most critical features in NetSuite is the Global Search. To quickly access it from anywhere on the page, press "Alt + g" on your keyboard. This shortcut will instantly take you to the Global Search bar, allowing you to search for specific data or records without manually navigating through menus.

Entering Data and Completing Forms

Keyboard shortcuts can save you valuable time when working with forms and records in NetSuite. Here are a few shortcuts to enhance your data entry process:

1. Switching Between Subtabs

If you're working with tabbed pages, you can swiftly switch between subtabs using keyboard shortcuts. Each subtab has a single underlined letter in its title. To switch to a specific subtab, press and hold "Alt" and then press the corresponding letter. For example, "Alt + a'' will take you to the Accounting subtab, eliminating the need to use your mouse.

2. Saving Transactions

In a transaction header, press "Enter" to save the transaction. This shortcut lets you quickly finalize your work without clicking the save button manually.

3. Navigating Within Forms

To move the cursor between fields and buttons, press the "Tab" key. This helps you navigate through different sections of a form efficiently.

4. Checking or Clearing Boxes

The "Space bar" can be used to check or clear a box within a form. This shortcut comes in handy when selecting or deselecting options quickly.

5. Performing Calculations

In the amount fields, you can perform basic calculations using the keyboard. For example, enter "10 + 15" to calculate a total amount instantly.

6. Selecting Multiple Choices

When faced with a list of choices, you can use the "Ctrl" key in combination with mouse clicks to select multiple options simultaneously. This saves you time and effort when dealing with various selections.

By mastering these keyboard shortcuts, finance users like yourself can easily navigate NetSuite, improving efficiency and saving valuable time on their daily tasks. Incorporating these shortcuts into your workflow will enhance your overall NetSuite experience.

Remember, the more you practice these shortcuts, the more proficient you will become. So, why not give them a try and experience the benefits firsthand?

We hope you found this guide to NetSuite keyboard shortcuts helpful. Stay tuned for more insightful tips and tricks to optimize your NetSuite experience!

Happy navigating!

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