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50 User Dental hospital Up and Running in 10 days

Smile Care Dental is a dental hospital based in Hanoi, VietNam. They employ 60 staff, including 20 dentists and operate 1 facility in my favourite Asian city. The plan is to get this facility right and to then an have many more. The business uses several different applications and dozens of paper forms to administrate operations.

We commenced pre sales in mid January ’15 leading with Shearwaters ‘ClinicSuite’ offering, an adaptation of Netsuite to meet with the requirements of the medical clinic business. We ran an educate and validate engagement, providing the smile care team with the access, training and skills to get a real feel for Netsuite. By end of February the contracts were completed.

The account had issues with its provisioning, so we kicked off the project on March 10th. On March 20th smile care was transactional for appointments, consultations, revenue and collections with 20 users. Management expect to get the next 30 users into the business over the next weeks to be fully operational on Netsuite by the end of March.

I visited smile care this week, I got to meet the people involved and to spend some time with them. I’ve got a good feeling about smile care, I think that the founders vision of growing the hospital into many facilities could well be achieved.

Great outcomes, existing time for everyone.

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