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We do not sell NetSuite, so we have an independent
perspective that ensure project success 

Engaging ER during Deploy (Implementation) stage removes risk, and improves value and efficiency in the implementation process.

Implementing NetSuite can be a complex and difficult process.

This process is made more difficult by a normal changing of engagement teams, from Sales 'A Team' to Implementation 'B Team'. 



We oversee the implementation project to eliminate risks.

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Engaging us at the onset will help improve value and efficiency in the implementation process.

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We ensure the alignment between the client and the vendor is well managed and transparent.

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How We Can Save You Time and Money

Our top priority for any business is to improve productivity, reduce risk, and increase revenue, rather than cost.


Common Issues Encountered

NetSuite has applications and modules that work for numerous industries, and while it is a dominant market leader, issues can still occur with even the best ERPs.  Here are some common challenges encountered:

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Cracks in Delivery

“There is a crack in design and project management."

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Unruly Data Structure

“Time shifts, feature gaps, improper data architecture were displayed in the dialog."

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Add-On Modules

“Add-on modules were displayed in the dialog when it’s not supposed to.”

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Integrity Challenges

“I would like to discuss the issue with an expert who is honest and transparent”

How We Can Help You Succeed

We are the unique support system tailored to your business, with independent management, and guidance you need. We exist to ensure our clients make the most out of their NetSuite instance, as all of our services are focused on this goal. 

Certified Expertise

We put our diverse skills and experiences to work, and we have learned the lessons so that you do not have to.

Independent Guidance

We have no vested interest in a selling outcome as we save our clients time by helping them truly appreciate the system applications to their business.

Trusted Methodology 

We understand and apply the system, so that you can buy with confidence.


Managed success means bridging the value gap. This means addressing several priorities to improve your workload and productivity. 
Get an end-to-end solution from user support and system administration management to implementation and roadmap while deploying the latest NetSuite solutions.

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Sometimes, all you need is to talk through the issue with someone who understands the circumstances without the bias. 
At Etter+Ramli, we bring all of our knowledge and experience to every conversation we have.

If you want to have a pragmatic conversation that is based on realistic outcomes and options, we are here for you to explore your issues and discuss your concerns.

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"Achieving lasting success requires a vision, strategic priorities, and a solid plan with feasible results and defined deadlines,"
at least that is what the old saying goes.

Our managed success plans are scope-defined, flexible managed services that can be extended to meet your needs, from a shared desk solution to an intensive dedicated team.


Based in Singapore, we serve customers in 32 countries around the world. We are a global team of certified and highly qualified NetSuite experts and seasoned business consultants who speak 6 native languages and are keen to make you a success on the platform. 
We look forward to finding out how we can help you reach your business objectives with NetSuite.

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